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It Is Broken & Needs Repair

Three wrongful discharge suits, from people newly hired and fired before they could perform fully. Over $800,000 dollars in unprocessed checks in the HR Cobra department. Five and six-hour “executive sessions” but only 30-60 minute public meetings. Follow the law and do it in public except for true contract and personnel matters.

A long overdue (no one remembers the last) outside audit of the health care fund that takes care of county employees and their families -- canceled before completed to bury preliminary results. Blamed on politics, no alternate auditor has been retained—afraid to find what???? A new fund of millions of dollars is to be applied and processed under “COVID RELIEF” without any process in place. Who will review, decide, and allocate? Those looking to buy votes.

The day of the three commissioners has passed. Too many deals and self-serving. Time for a true “council” of commissioners representing all areas and people of Lorain County. When two Commissioners disagree, the power falls totally to the third. This leads to decisions purely made for political gain. And forces anyone dissenting to dissent for the same reason. As the campaign progresses I will listen to the concerns of the residents and develop an action plan once elected around four major principles.

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