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We've entered the home stretch of our campaign and need your support more than ever. We still need folks to display our yard signs. Please contact us to request a sign at your address.

The Issues

Why I'm The Best Candidate for Lorain County Commissioner

Lorain County government is a mess. Leaderless, operationally and bu dgetarily. Fifty years of one-party rule and commissioners elected without the necessary skills and resumes have created our own Lorain County swamp. It is not the staff and frontline workers for the county. It is the leaders and middle ...

It Is Broken & Needs Repair

Three wrongful discharge suits, from people newly hired and fired before they could perform fully. Over $800,000 dollars in unprocessed checks in the HR Cobra department. Five and six-hour “executive sessions” but only 30-60 minute public meetings. Follow the law and do it in public except for true contract and ...

Riddell For Reform




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Please Support our Campaign Through Donations or Volunteering

Please Support our Campaign Through Donations or Volunteering

A donation of $55 will help my team mail out postcards. We have several thousand to mail, so please help here if you can. 
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Those little political signs are expensive to print. This donation will allow us to print 25 small signs. 
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This helps us to get our name out there, and is quite expensive. Each donation will pay for a billboard for two weeks !!!
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Donating here will help with the massive costs to print and mail our literature and information out to an entire community !!!! 
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Complete the form to connect with me. If you would like to walk your neighborhood, walk a parade or festival, display a yard sign, or host a Meet 'N Greet, fill out the form below. To send a donation, please make check payable to Riddell for Commissioner to 4250 Vilamoura Drive, Avon, OH 44011 in any amount you are able to give. 

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